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Personal Chef Services

Amazing meals & Personalized service

Fancy’s Personal Chef Services is a Dallas/Fort Worth based business that focuses on personalized meal planning.  We handle the meal planning, the shopping, the meal prep, and the cleanup. We have experience with dietary restrictions, i.e., gluten free, vegetarian, low carb, etc. Chef Claudine has been a personal chef with over 13 years experience working for private families. Her passion stands out in making sure my clients feel that their time is valued and the meals they receive are a pleasure to consume. She enjoys cooking and baking all diverse world cuisines.

Fancy’s Personal Chef Services is very specific to the client’s needs in terms of dietary and convenience.  Additionally, meal planning can be mentally exhausting and food shopping is time consuming. And don’t forget how long it takes to cook and clean up! Let Fancy’s Personal Chef Services help. Get meals for you and your family without time-consuming meal planning, fighting traffic, or lengthy lines at the grocery story. Fancy’s Personal Chef Services will created fabulous, chef-prepared, healthy meals that come in one easy-to-heat package. Individually portioned, these home cooked classics make excellent office lunches that are convenient to carry and fast to heat up. In only five minutes, you can heat and eat a gourmet prepared meal.

Chef Services

Amazing meals & Personalized service


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Meet Chef Claudine

It started at home…. smelling my grandmother’s fresh baked bread every weekend, my mother’s French Canadian Meat Pies, Cretons spread on homemade bread for breakfast, crepes with melting butter and brown sugar, warm cinnamon coffee cake at least once a week after learning it in Home Economics in 6th grade….it all was my love affair with food and the experiences of it. I went into the private service industry and learned about serving, planning, management, social functions, etc. that centered around the family. While working for families in their homes I got opportunities to work all aspects of food preparation.My desire to attend school in the culinary arts field has been a dream of mine. Now is the right time to strengthen my knowledge of French Cooking and learn the restaurant environment. Since attending school I have found many avenues to fulfill my dreams and desires in the food industry.It started at home………and will continue to take me anywhere in the world.

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Client Testimonials

In their own words

Claudine is preparing 3-5 meals for us that we freeze and eat over a few weeks. I pick meals from a low Glycemic cookbook and she delivers them to us.
The meals have all been very good and were delivered on time with about 5 days notice. She will put the nutritional information on the meals, if needed and always throws in side dishes so the meals are complete.

My boss hired Claudine to prepare a dinner for my husband and myself. From the beginning Claudine covered all bases. She asked what kind of food we liked, sent a variety of foods to choose from and then sample menus. She came to the house a few nights prior to the event to ensure she had all supplies and checkout the layout. The night of the meal, she arrived an hour before with all of her own utensils. She spread out but by the end of the night, you wouldn’t have known she was there. She cleaned up better than it was before. …and the food was delicious—each course was spaced properly so that we could enjoy it as it should be. We had salad, mussels, trout, potatoes lyonnaise and a wonderful dessert. Our French theme was perfect for the evening. I highly recommend Claudine

Great experience! We wanted to do something unique and special for a great member of our Team at work, and someone suggested an in-home personal chef experience. We found Claudine on Thumbtack and worked with her to set up the arrangement and establish a budget. Claudine then worked directly with our Team member and made it a wonderful event that created a lot of smiles. I would highly recommend her.

Claudine is an excellent chef I have known for over 7 years. Before she entered into this field she had always been an excellent cook who took pride in the preparation of her meals and displayed great culinary skills. However, beyond the culinary gift itself, the meals are DELICIOUS and you will not be disappointed. She is definitely one to use as your personal chef for preparing meals for yourself, your family or for your events. She will also prepare healthy meal options.

Claudine has prepared meals for me and my family and plates were left cleaned! Smiles on faces too!

Claudine was professional and flexible, she took care of all the shopping, designed the menu, and created a delicious and sophisticated exquisite dinner for my husband and I. We loved her service and highly recommend her!

Claudine’s cooking is awesome! I contacted Claudine when I moved to Fort Worth to help get me started on my paleo journey. I was looking for someone to cook/package my meals but what I got was much more! Claudine food was amazing and I didn’t even feel like I was on a “diet”. She cooked, packaged and delivered everything perfectly. Can’t wait to use her services again.